Time-of-Flight Sensor
Time-of-Flight Sensor MSV Takes Silicon Development into the Next Dimension
In the small world of silicon chip engineering, ISSCC is the premier annual conference. It’s hosted right down the road from Microsoft Silicon Valley, but, until this year, no Microsoft paper had ever been accepted into the conference. Read More Read More
Small MSV Team Creates A Big Product.
Small MSV Team Creates A Big Product. Meet the team that created PowerPoint for iPad
After months of speculation and tech blog rumors, Microsoft Office for the iPad has arrived. But it’s not as if the introduction of the world’s most popular productivity applications on the best-known tablet was accomplished through a simple handshake between Microsoft and Apple. Read More Read More
Dave Hodson
Dave Hodson On the Startup Spirit of Microsoft Silicon Valley
Dave Hodson grew up in Silicon Valley and started writing code at the age of ten simply because he “liked to make stuff.” By the age of 13, his mother was driving him back and forth to his first job as a game tester. For Dave, a career in startups seemed inevitable. Read More Read More
Saila Talagadadeevi
Saila Talagadadeevi Skype Big Data Architect Connecting the Dots Between Billions of Connections
Since she was a young student in India, it was clear that Saila Talagadadeevi was a force to be reckoned with in math and science. Read More Read More
Seang Chau
Seang Chau Microsoft Palo Alto Site Leader on Lemmings, Mobile and Giving Back
Seang Chau is a busy man – and he wouldn’t have it any other way. The new Site Leader for Microsoft Palo Alto, Seang also runs mobile development for Skype and Lync. Read More Read More
Why MSV?

The Silicon Valley is an enclave of technology visionaries and creators right in the center of some of the most beautiful, culturally rich and intellectually-loaded real estate on earth. Microsoft Silicon Valley demonstrates these core Valley attributes at our site of over 2,600 employees who are bringing innovations to the areas of TV, Gaming, Hardware, Live Communications, Natural User Interface, Search, Research, Virtualization, Enterprise Social Networking, Productivity & Presentations. Through our energy, camaraderie, and entrepreneurial spirit, Microsoft Silicon Valley feels like a startup. In resources and stability, we function like a heavyweight.

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