Lilian Rincon
Lilian Rincon Blazing Her Own Trail
There is little that is conventional about Skype Group Program Manager, Lilian Rincon. Born to Spanish and Chinese-Indonesian parents in Venezuela, she attended school in British Columbia and has since worked from Bangalore to Shanghai to, now, Microsoft Silicon Valley. Read More Read More
Raj Master
Raj Master IEEE Electronics Manufacturing Technology Award Winner
With over 50 patents and over 80 technical papers to his name, Microsoft Silicon Valley’s Raj Master has had a career full of successes. However, what touched Raj was the fact that he was given a peer award. Read More Read More
Olof Mases
Olof Mases Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Them All.
When Olof Mases talks to managers of companies that are being acquired by Microsoft, he tells them the story of his early career at tech startups in Sweden. Read More Read More
Sara Ford
Sara Ford Contender For World's Most Interesting Woman? You Decide.
Microsoft Silicon Valley is the nexus of Sara’s passions, where her work interests intersect with all of her cultural, environmental, and educational desires. Read More Read More
Meet "The Phone Guy"
Meet "The Phone Guy" Antoine Naaman is really into Nokia phones. And we mean really into Nokia phones.
Born in France and raised in Lebanon, Antoine’s interest in phones started when he was just ten years old. And the advent of Nokia’s sleek, smaller handsets in the late ‘90s took his passion to the next level. Read More Read More
Why MSV?

The Silicon Valley is an enclave of technology visionaries and creators right in the center of some of the most beautiful, culturally rich and intellectually-loaded real estate on earth. Microsoft Silicon Valley demonstrates these core Valley attributes at our site of over 2,600 employees who are bringing innovations to the areas of TV, Gaming, Hardware, Live Communications, Natural User Interface, Search, Research, Virtualization, Enterprise Social Networking, Productivity & Presentations. Through our energy, camaraderie, and entrepreneurial spirit, Microsoft Silicon Valley feels like a startup. In resources and stability, we function like a heavyweight.

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